We believe every brand has an evocative story to tell.

Our approach is rooted in emotional & magical storytelling. Using insights to drive the creative process.

Whether working around existing strategies or crafting new ones, we ensure to bring your brand to life in its own creative way.

Peter Arvad Larsen

Director & Producer


Andrew Berekdar



Eger Film Editor DONNA media

Eger Tiitus

Film Editor


Emma Li

Brand Strategist


Emanuel Elkjær

Production Assistant


How it started

Our founder Peter began his creative journey in a way you may not expect: he joined a club for magicians.

On stage and in youth competitions, he learned to harness the power of storytelling. He learned to sway the audience’s emotions to create an experience that was truly magical.

Over time, as his passion shifted over to the creative industry, the goal has remained the same: to hold the audience’s attention and amaze them.

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