Brands guide and alter how we experience the world.
The direction of a brand is steered by its creatives. The people 👥

Our web series “Brand Stories” introduces CEOs, CMOs, and brand managers from recognized and influential Danish brands & agencies. They share how they navigated their respective career paths, the unforeseen obstacles they encountered, and how they evolved the business 💫

If you are on your own career journey, in need of motivation or searching for inspiration, “Brand Stories” offers pivotal key takeaways.

Sarah Kelleher Probst

Senior Brand Manager

A brand is personal; rebranding is too.

Sarah shares the challenges in her first senior role as she fought for what she believed was right for the brand. Working alongside people who had been with the brand since its beginning, she knew that change would be difficult. Emotions aside, Sarah pushed the project forward knowing it was the right moment in Trustpilot’s journey to revive their purpose and refresh their brand.

“Understanding what is right for your brand perspective means believing that it needs it.” – Sarah.

Magnus Neble

CMO, Gastrotools

Magnus is a young but experienced marketer. In 2019 he joined Gastrotools as co-owner & CMO. Today, their high quality kitchen tools are a popular choice among top Danish chefs.
Their success can be attributed to their high quality products and the chances they have taken with value-driven content marketing.

“You don’t even know if you can break-even. In the end, we were just like, ‘Fuck it. Let’s do it!'”

Nikolai Skouv Pedersen

CEO, PL&Partners

Constantly looking for unique ways to provide added value and tirelessly working behind the scenes, Nikolai Skouv Pedersen worked his way from junior consultant to CEO of PL & Partners in just five years. With his help, the agency is now a top player in the digital marketing performance industry.

With keen perspectives on talent development, work ethic, and value proposition, he shares his unique journey and transformative views on success.

“Experience is based on how you use your time, not how much time you’ve used.”