Branding film production

A branding film is the essence of your company or brand. It need to show and tell how you are, what you feel like, the look, and how you sound. All senses are at play here.

When we’re producing a branding film are we looking at 1. Does it communicate the right personality of the brand? 2. Are we telling the right story here? Often will we start with a Discovery session where those questions will be answered.

Our productions vary between one-day productions with a smaller crew to bigger productions over multiple days. We have worked on productions with each of their end of the budget.

Often the production of a branding film lead to extra unused material that can be used in other parts of a “bigger campaign“ One production = ton of content.

How much does a branding film cost?

The budget depends on the production size, and not all productions have the same size. The creative idea, locations, and visual style play a big role in the budget. But, there is a solution for all budgets and therefore you do not have to give up on the idea of a branding film.