Video production

Video production of branding film, commercial, interviews, employer branding film, and more.

DONNA media is offering production of a variety of films and videos, and got the right equipment and crew to present your brand in the best way.

Our productions vary between one-day productions with a smaller crew to bigger productions over multiple days. We have worked on productions with each of their end of the budget.

The technical part of using the camera equipment is only a small part of video- and film production. DONNA media is a full-service creative company and we are with you from the first creative ideas, pre-production, casting, location scouting, production, post-production, and the following plan for how to activate the content and create results.


What’s the price of video production? The budget depends on the production size, and not all productions have the same size. The creative idea, locations, and visual style play a big role in the budget. But, there is a solution for all budgets and therefore you dont have to give up on the idea of professional video production.